Custom Leather Bondage Gear

M3 Muzzle

Red and Black Padded Muzzle With Posture Collar


  • EUR: € 266.72
  • CAD: $414.38
  • GBP: £239.38
  • AUD: $431.58


This is the latest Muzzle upgrade. This muzzle has been redesigned with the Posture Collar having better curves, a higher back, almost all the straps are wider to give a more comfortable feel and lessen the pressure points. Each buckle strap at the back is free-floating to give a better fit on the straps. I also added extra Drings to attach to various types of body harnesses. And most importantly, I’ve added a large Dring on the front of the Muzzle. I’ll leave it up to your own imagination as to what to do with it.

I love the Red and Black combination, but I can easily make it in other colors.
Locking is also an option.

I also changed the cheek Drings to be at the top of the head for a streamlined look/feel, but I can also change that back to my usual design if you want more Drings.


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