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Bulldog Harness and Matching Waist Harness

matching bulldog and waist leather harness combination

$ 399.00

  • EUR: €390.46
  • CAD: $513.98
  • GBP: £330.48
  • AUD: $572.68


This is a Bulldog Harness and matching waist harness combination. Each strap is made from four layers of soft garment leather folded and stitched together. The one comment that everyone seems to make when they try on this harness is right away the FEEL of it. The wide straps are incredibly soft and hug your body firmly. A lot of body harnesses are made from a thick latigo leather with biting corners. Right away you will notice the soft rounded edges on all straps. No leftover marks or black streaky leather bits will be on your skin when you take this off as each side is that smooth soft leather. You don’t get the same effect when you see this harness online, but if you were to try it on, you’d be in love right away. This is the feedback I see constantly with this particular harness. I added an extra upwards Dring on this Bulldog Harness which is something you don’t see on other versions. I find it comes in useful when you want to accessorize with collars and head harnesses etc. The waist harness is a brand new design made specifically to compliment the Bulldog harness. I can also further customize this harness combination to add a vertical chest, groin, and back straps to connect everything together. Please message me about further customizations at an additional 1.5$/inch


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