Custom Leather Bondage Gear

June Lead Time

6 weeks

Hand Stitched Genuine Leather Collar White

white hand-stitched leather bondage collar

$ 99.00

  • EUR: €91.14
  • CAD: $135.07
  • GBP: £77.56
  • AUD: $148.79


This Locking hand-stitched bondage collar is made of sturdy yet soft garment leather wrapped around a thicker Latigo leather core with bonded nylon thread. Right away you will notice the weight and the incredibly soft feel against your skin. The rounded edges make this one of the most comfortable yet secure bondage collars you will ever wear. It has to be hand-stitched in order to make sure all the rivets are on the inside and no metal touches your skin.

It only takes a moment to whip out the measuring tape and take a quick neck measurement. You’ll love the collar so much more if it is fitting at the middle hole of the strap
Please send me your neck measurement and I can make this fit any neck size perfectly.

Typically I make this collar at 16 inches length. 2 inches tall.
Lots of different colors to choose from.
non-locking option available.


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