Custom Leather Bondage Gear

Leather Magic Wand Attachment


  • EUR: € 91.13
  • CAD: $141.59
  • GBP: £81.79
  • AUD: $147.47


This is my original addition to the leather body harness, a magic wand attachment. I think it really speaks for itself as to why you would want one. The leather straps are all 4 layers of soft garment leather. Each strap can be attached to the harness either with snap buttons or screw rivets making it easily removable. You can also use this wand attachment with all kinds of different body harnesses. I’ve even gotten them to work on a rope harness. It’s also sometimes useful to use the straps for other purposes besides the wand, since everything is adjustable/removable. They can be used as bondage straps, or tethers. It’s surprisingly useful to have the variety of options they simple little bondage buckle straps provide.

Let your imagination go crazy

the magic wand itself is not included……and you can get your own male attachment for the wand!


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