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Woman’s Leather Harness With Detachable Muzzle

$ 749.00

  • EUR: €695.75
  • CAD: $1,005.38
  • GBP: £597.94
  • AUD: $1,132.41


This is my deluxe woman’s leather harness, with thigh cuffs, collar, and muzzle gag. All belts are locking hand stitched soft garment leather, wrapped around a thicker Latigo core giving it an incredibly soft but firm feel. My favorite aspect this harness is how quick and easy it is to get on and off, while also hugging your body very tightly. It’s great for pulling and tugging, attaching to various things via all the Drings. The thigh cuffs were originally an afterthought to this woman’s leather harness, but once I added them, it became ALL about the thigh cuffs. You’ll notice the different feel right away, as well as adding a lot more options for play. Especially if you add wrist and ankle cuffs.

This harness is made to measure so please provide your measurements listed in the chart provided.
For the Muzzle, please add the following measurements:

Around your head at eyebrow level in inches?
Around your head at mouth level in inches?
Distance from the base of your nose to the bottom of your chin (usually 2.5 inches)

As the belts are all hand-stitched, please allow for construction time.


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