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M3 Muzzle w Chest Harness

Detachable Chest Harness Muzzle Combo

$ 499.00

  • EUR: €426.50
  • CAD: $637.12
  • GBP: £366.45
  • AUD: $689.08


This is my upgraded muzzle with posture collar and a detachable chest harness.

The muzzle has wider straps, for a more comfortable fit, as well as lower Drings to attach to a body harness. As with all my muzzles, the inside is fully padded.
Each strap is made from four layers of soft garment leather, giving a soft yet sturdy fit over your entire head. The connecting straps are detachable such that both the muzzle and chest harness can be worn together or independently. My favourite aspect of this muzzle chest harness combination is that they both help lock each other in place, giving more of your body that amazing encasement feeling, and yet being incredibly soft and comfortable at the same time. Both pieces help to restrict movement of the head, and to keep your sub just where you want them.

This muzzle combination is black with red highlights, but more colors are available.
Blue, Black, White, Fuscia, Yellow, Orange.

If you can please provide me some measurements upon ordering:

Around your head at Forehead level in inches?
Around your head at mouth level in inches?
Around your neck?
Distance from the base of your nose to the base of your chin? (should be roughly 3 inches)

A tip for putting this on:
The chest harness is easiest to put on like a tee-shirt. Put your arms up through the bottom and slip it over your shoulders, while threading your head through and into the muzzle.
Next, do up all the muzzle straps on their loosest setting. Then start to cinch all the straps tight, one by one. For the best fit, make sure the top of the head buckle is loose as you do up all the buckles, and then cinch that tight.


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